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About us

Enison is a company specialising in design work, performance and maintenance of HVAC installations such as heating, cooling, medical and technical gases, technological steam and air conditioning. One of our core activities is also assembly work and maintenance of power and industrial plants.

Enison’s development started in 1999, and the company has since managed through its constant and stable growth to be recognised at the market as one of the leading and most respected companies in its field/domain of work. 

Our employees are professionals from different fields of expertise, such as mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, experienced installers and professionals of different profiles which are indispensable for the performance of the above mentioned activities.  Thanks to continuous education and training of our employees, we successfully meet the needs of the market and follow the development of new technologies and modern technical solutions.


-   Top quality of performed works
-   Reliability in meeting the agreed deadline
-  Creative and efficient engineers
-  Experienced installers
-  Reasonable and competitive prices
-  Capacities and competences for realisation of important and complex objects
-  Works performed at buildings meant for different purposes
-  Successful cooperation with leading construction companies and investors
-  Support in performing even the most      complex solutions


To position our company as one of the leading and distinctive companies in the area of providing consulting services, designing services, performance of works and maintenance at the HVAC systems and power and industrial plants.


To offer customized solutions by integrating our great knowledge, experience and skills with the upcoming technical innovations in order to offer our clients the best value for money by providing the best service. We are always concerned with the satisfaction of our clients, which is accomplished through professional approach and timely and high-quality providing of services.